punjab kisan karz mafi yojana 2017 -2018 – Information and name check

By | January 10, 2018
Punjab Crop Loan Waiver Scheme is announced by  Sate government of Punjab. This scheme is know as  Punjab Crop Loan Debt Apology Scheme .In this scheme 2 Lakh For Agricultural Fasal Rin Mafi  for the small Farmer.  Yojana Punjab Farm loan Waiver Online application is not avaliable. So farmer can’t check   Krishi Rin Mafi Yojana Punjab list name  online . 
Latest information: – Recently Late. The plan has been issued to forgive the debt of farmers by the government of Amrendra. According to the information, the banks have started making lists of small and marginal farmers. This list will include the names of those farmers who have a loan remaining up to Rs 2 lakh. Loan for accounts of cooperative and business banks will be waived in the beginning of the scheme. For this, the government has also constituted an inquiry committee, whose work is to implement and monitor the plan.

Note: – The farmers who feel that their name is not on the list of debt forgiveness. And you are within its scope. Then the Deputy Commissioner of Kisan District can apply for this in writing.

Punjab State Government is preparing to start crop loan forgiveness scheme 2017 for small and marginal farmers across the state. In June, the government had announced that the small and marginal farmers would be forgiven for the loan of up to Rs 2 lakh.

Krishi Fasal Rin Mafi Yojana Punjab 2017 -2018 

Agricultural loans and interest amount up to March 31, 2017 will be eligible for exemption under this scheme. In the meeting organized, the Cabinet decided that in addition to leaving the entire loan amount of farmers coming under the loan waiver scheme, the government could also accept outstanding interest from April 1, 2017 till the date of notification. As per data collected from the State Level Bankers Committee, till March 31, 2017, approximately 20.22 lakh bank accounts have outstanding crop loans of Rs 59,621 crore.

Punjab Crop Loan Waiver Scheme 2017-2018 

The main objective of Punjab Agricultural Debt Waiver Plan 2017 is to reduce the burden of debt on the heads of small and marginal farmers. Therefore, the government has made a provision in this scheme that all the marginal farmers who have less than 2.5 acres of agricultural land will be covered under their crop loan scheme of Rs.2 lakhs.
If the loan amount of the eligible marginal farmer is more than Rs 2 lakh, the government will be liable to pay only Rs 2 lakh in the form of debt relief . Apart from this, small farmers having less than 2.5 acres to less than 5 acres of agricultural land will also be covered under this scheme, their total eligible amount will be provided in the form of total outstanding crop loan liability of Rs.2 lakh in debt relief.
The State Government is contemplating to consult the concerned banks for disposal of crop loan forgery scheme 2017 once. Apart from this, except for cooperative credit institutions, the full amount of crop loan will be converted into banks in a phased manner.
The bank will prepare a list of related small and marginal farmers, who will be deployed under the supervision of the deputy commissioner of the concerned district. The fund will be provided to the DC from the state government. The farmer will get the loan relief certificate after depositing the deposit amount in his bank accounts.

Punjab Crop Loan Waiver Application Form: Punjab Crop Loan Waiver Application Form

Similar to agricultural debt waiver schemes in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, the state government of Punjab can invite applications online from eligible farmers under this scheme. The online application for this scheme can be invited through the official website of the Punjab Government or through a new dedicated portal. If the applications have begun, eligible farmers can register online for Punjab Agricultural Debt Waiver scheme 2017 itself.

Since this scheme has not yet been launched, so more information about the scheme application form and online process will be available only after its official launch, which can be done anytime soon.

Krishi Fasal Rin Mafi Yojana Punjab – Key facts
  • Name of Scheme – Punjab Farm Loan Apology Scheme 2017
  • Capt Amarinder Singh announced in June 2017
  • Launch date – not yet decided
  • Beneficiary – small (2.5 acres to 5 acres) and marginal farmer (less than 2.5 acre)
  • Number of beneficiaries – approx. 10.25 lakh
  • Debt forgiveness amount – Rs 2 lakh
  • Total Outstanding Loan Amount – Rs 59,621 Crore
  • Application mode can be online (no information yet)
  • Under this scheme, urban cooperative banks, regional rural banks, public and private sector banks have been covered.
Banks coming under Punjab Crop Loan Debt Waiver Plan 2017 -2018 

In the debt waiver scheme, the following loan institutions will cover crop loans distributed to farmers in the state

1. Scheduled Commercial Bank 
2. Co-operative Credit Institution (including urban co-operative banks and regional rural banks) 
3. Public sector banks and private banks

If the farmer has taken more than one financial institution or crop loan from the bank, the first priority will be given to the cooperative institutions, for the second public sector banks and third place for the commercial banks. By Monday, Krishi Fasal Rin Mafi Yojana Punjab process may start.Keeping this page checked for more information, we will update the information soon.

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